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Continuity in appearance and performance.

AWUKO ABRASIVES combines its expertise with approved manufacturing technology to create the product range inox express for the surface finishing of stainless steel. In dry grinding on coil and metal sheets the products ZP88F and KP88F provides for years a consistent, world wide used standard for stainless steel surface. The combination of high-performance roughing belts and an optimal surface finishing by specially tuned high-qualified aluminium oxide provides our prestigious customers the desired surface quality, beginning form the first grinding meter. Particularly in the treatment of metal sheets, surface quality and gloss grade are the focus of the requirements of our product. The abrasive belts are for all popular metal sheets sizes available with only one chatter marks free special joint. In addition, it is also possible to buy abrasive belts up to a width of theoratical 3040mm. A stable F-weight paper backing guarantees high lateral stability and low vibration course of inox express even at high feed rates. Convince yourself and "put us under pressure".



Abrasive belts for high - grade steel grinding

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AWUKO - ZP88F Inox Express

AWUKO - KP88F Inox Express