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Quality key

Example: KP80E

1. Digit: K = Corundum
2. Digit: P = Paper
3. Digit: 8 = Dense coated
4. Digit: 0 = Synthetic resin
5. Digit: E = E-paper (from approx. 220 up to 270 g)

1st Digit

Grain specification
Corundum K
Silicon S
Zirkonia / Corundum Z
Special L
SG-ceramics G
none O
Graphite C

2nd Digit

Paper P
Cotton fibre T
Combination K
Other Q
Fibre N
Paper - waterproof R
Synthetics - waterproof U
Cotton - waterproof W
Felt F
Fleece E
Foam rubber G
Fleece / cotton Combination H

3rd Digit

Open coated (1,3,5,7)
Dense coated (2,4,6,8)
Uncoated 9

4th Digit

Special 1
Synthetic resin 0,2,8
Hide glue 3
Hide glue / Stearate 4
3. coat 5
Synthetic resin / Stearate 6
Free 7
Free 9

5th Digit

Paper thickness
85g A
85 to 110g B
110 to 135g C
135 to 220g D
220 to 270g E
270 to 350g F
350 to 500g G
500g H
Fibre types
Polyester heavy, segmentable SY
Polyester heavy Y
Polyester light R
X-Cotton X
X-Cotton (flex) XF
J-Cotton J
JFF-Cotton (super flex) F
Combination light L
Segmentable fibre S
Fibre 0,4 mm N
Fibre 0,6 mm T
Fibre 0,8 mm P
Mushroom head U
Other Z



Safety recommendations for the use of abrasive products (FEPA)